Hojin Kang

Being human in the digital age - Hojin Kang meditates on this in his artistic work. Where do we locate ourselves, somatically and mentally? What do we fill our day with? What is the significance of being here in today's society? 

Already during his studies, Hojin reflected on digitality and its impact on people. After a few semesters of communication design, he switched to media art design. Graphics was also the focus medium here, but not in the screen, but translated into stage sets, projections and light installations. The transfer from digital to space fascinated Hojin. Even more so, however, was the perception of this space, a third instance in other words: the human being himself. The way design and art affect him - and why. 

In approaching his questions, Hojin always moves in a field of tension between physicality and virtuality, between emotion and cognition, between the conscious and the unconscious. These different levels of engagement find expression in his prints, but also in 3D-printed sculptures, video works, and interactive media installations. 

Since the birth of his child in the spring of 2021, Hojin's perception of spaces - in the literal sense, but also in the social sense - has changed yet again. And also that of time: the question of what relevance his actions have when this is limited significantly shapes his work. "Mindful media" instead of "social media," that would be an approach Hojin considers sensible. Pausing instead of constantly generating output. Breathe. Hojin dedicated a separate room to this most existential form of interaction at his first solo exhibition, "663,044,400," at the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken. It is the number of breaths that a person takes on average in the course of his or her life. 

Hojin Kang lives and works in Berlin.