Ernst van Hoek is a Dutch Berlin based artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Since the beginning of 2020 and inspired by the father of collage Henri Matisse, he has started exploring the world of the paper cut-out collages. He approaches the creation of imagery in a personal and unique manner, with a bright and contrasting use of colour. A wide range of sources, photographs and real objects inspire his fascination with contemporary representation of the queer body and queerness in general. His practice embodies the experiences he has with people in the marginalised queer community – both on- and offline. It’s no stretch to say that queerness continues to render one an outlaw in society. Van Hoek has always tried to show queerness in all its layers and complexities, by investigating the transformation of the (human) body and displaying ‘otherness’ in our contemporary (still) predominantly heteronormative society. In his quest he is continuously researching, questioning and imagining the Queer Utopia. Van Hoek has shown works in group shows in Rotterdam, Athens and Berlin.

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