Karl Ebbmo

Karl Ebbmo grew up in a northern suburb of Stockholm. Coated in the offspring of shiny happy people, the decadent and picturesque suburb trafficked kids on illegal scooters and well-pimped baby strollers. He started analog photography at 16 and completed one of his first works three years later in 2004. The series was shot from a Beijing hotel room on the 11th floor, documenting the people down below on the street. The collection was exhibited at his College in Stockholm but was unfortunately misplaced and lost. Karl left the suburbs soon after and moved into central Stockholm where he played in a band for 10 years and photography was put on the side. In 2011 he borrowed a 1960s Nikon F from a friend and starting shooting again. He moved to Berlin in 2017 where he has since continued his work. While some of his work is digital, he mainly uses pocket style analog cameras such as Olympus XA or the Minolta 115. His work ranges from documentary style to nature motifs that sometimes blur the line between photo and painting. Using natural light without any post editing, he captures trivial situations and finds beauty in a world that can be pretty on the outside but sometimes suffers from within.

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