Karl Ebbmo

Patrick Gardinger Kunst100



Karl Ebbmo was born in the northern hemisphere of Stockholm. In a village coated in the offspring of over-economically satisfied men and women. The hierarchy that sprung out of this was built on fast riding scooters and well pimped baby trollers. He decided to leave even more north, to escape the spa indulged elitism. On a trip to Beijing he completed one of his first analog photography works. His first collection "A view from above" was shot solely from a five star hotel’s room in the 11th floor, documenting the people below. As an auto-biographical comment to his upbringing, he wanted to assess his position as being brought up with economical and social advantages. This was achieved by putting himself "above". Later on, he went back to the neighborhood of where he was brought up with the purpose of finding the sun that shines on the shiny, happy people. Combining nature and light, he finds simple and delicate motives in a complicated and hierarchical society. A society that looks great on the outside but has problems on the inside. Patrick now lives and acts in Berlin.

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