As an artist, I have investigated the ways in which art influences our lives and how it can suggest other ways of seeing reality, not only in its poetic and spiritual character, but also as a reflective and critical proposal to the world. I have focused on investigating the landscape that surrounds us, and I have sought different ways to know it, question it, and interpret it from painting and installation, necessarily linking it with the human condition in the relationships I make from it. I am interested in investigating the relationship that we establish as individuals with what is presented to us as a "real" landscape. I develop a working method where painting itself acts as a transforming guide, thus inverting supposedly recognizable logics that allow me to investigate different issues and at the same time tirelessly explore the depth of the landscape. I intend to translate into painting the need that arises in me to configure other worlds, other realities and landscapes, attending to an urgency in the expansion of the real. I am interested in the theme of the crisis as an artery to a total destructuring of our lives, ideologies, beliefs etc.. The crisis gives us the tip of our toes, to look for something else, new languages, new ways of seeing the known, it pushes us to go beyond what we have already seen, to enter new spaces and question the old ones.

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