Amelie Rook

Being loud, causing confusion and yet maintaining a chaotic harmony: With her figures, Amelie Rook deconstructs idealized body images and playfully questions normative beauty.

Although the political dimension of her works remains undisputed, the creative process as such is not very intentional. At the beginning there is always a feeling. In what form it will express itself, Amelie knows only when a picture is finished. She works intuitively. Touch-up pencil, acrylic and oil paint are transmitters of her subconscious. Painting without rules her retreat. 

It was not always so. When she began drawing, she strove for accuracy and perfect proportion. Over the years, this turned out to be a steadily tightening corset. It was essential to cast it off, she says today - as a person and as an artist. By throwing her creative conventions (and those of society) overboard, a momentum arose that allowed this very style to grow up, in which the breaking of regulations is inherent at the core.

She is inspired by everyday situations and loose thoughts. She pursues her urge to paint on all kinds of materials: cardboard, tiles, envelopes. Most typical are the abstracted faces and limbs, always colorful and morphing here and there with those of animals.

In addition to her artistic activities, Amelie works in a newsroom. She can bring her degree in media communications, which she completed in 2020, to bear here. She also attended philosophy and sociology for a few semesters.

Amelie Rook lives and works in Hannover.