High-quality frames made of natural wood and real glass
We use real wood frames made in Germany, which are produced in an environmentally friendly manner by a traditional family business from Baden-Württemberg.

🪵 Wood from one piece

Our frames are made of whole wood parts and not veneer as you know it from simple frames. This makes them more stable, longer lasting and much higher quality.

🖼 Real glass not plastic

We use real glass instead of plastic plexiglass to cover the artwork. This provides a great look, does not scratch and protects the environment. Since we pack the frame securely, nothing will break on the way to you.

🌿 Can be used again and again

When buying a work of art at Kunst100 with frame, we take over the frame for you. Should you then but once want to exchange the artwork in the frame, this is no problem thanks to the reusable frame.


Our frames