Gamze Yalçin

For Gamze Yalçın, each work begins with a seemingly mundane discovery - a simple shape or a surprising texture, for example, often in nature. The Turkish artist translates these everyday sensory stimuli and the thoughts and emotions they trigger into drawings. They, in turn, are the starting point: for color studies, the results of which always move in a field of tension between the dreamy inner world and the actual outer world.

Her semi-abstract compositions create space for the unknown and at the same time for the timeless. They tell stories that seem illusory to some and realistic to others. The materials Gamze uses are diverse: acrylic paints, oil and colored pencils, raw pigments. Gamze is also not fixed on media and scale, her works vary from canvases and panels to large-scale murals in public spaces.

Gamze travels a lot and has thus painted in very different places. Her methodology, which she describes as a "constant search for colors and shapes," allows her to always make a symbolic connection with her surroundings and transform them into a painting - wherever she happens to be.

In addition to exhibitions in various national and international galleries, her murals can also be seen - sometimes permanently - in Istanbul, Barcelona, Vienna, Athens and Berlin, among other cities. Gamze's studio is also located in Berlin. Before establishing herself as an artist in Germany, she worked as an interior designer in Istanbul, where she had previously completed a degree in Interior Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University.

More about Gamze Yalçın on Instagram or her website.