Enter with the works of ANNAMARIAANGELIKA into a world full of magic - just as it can be felt everywhere in the National Park Huaraz, in the heart of Peru. Here, purple clouds gently kiss the peaks of the mountain range, while small tufts of grass gently sway back and forth in the wind as if they were being caressed. In the midst of this magical scenery, 4000 meters above sea level, the motif for ANNAMARIAANGELIKAS "Tree of Huaraz" was created.  Thoughts on the work: "But that can't be. Did that really just happen? Surely it was just a big butterfly. It would be absolutely impossible that between the branches of this old Peruvian tree an elf just giggled. Wouldn't it?"

"The Tree of Huaraz" is a tribute to the beauty of nature and celebrates its diversity and uniqueness in the most beautiful colors of the rainbow. Besides being an artist, Julia Müller who is behind the name is also a fashion designer who lives sustainability with every fiber.

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