Claudia Tyborski

My inquiring mind is the basis of my artistic work. A healthy curiosity about my environment led me to devote myself to the process of deconstruction and reconstruction.

The deconstruction serves the investigation of a circumstance and allows me to understand it better or deeper. Out of the understanding arise for me among other things questions or new perspectives. These flow into the process of reconstruction. The resulting work questions, for example, social structures or assumptions and / or shows previously unseen perspectives.

The strength of my work lies in observation and the ability to give the work time to develop. The art in the observation process lies for me in recognizing fruitful moments and giving them expression through an artistic work. Like plants, my works germinate and blossom.

Plants can bloom several times, so none of my works is a final statement. In accordance with my personal development, a new blooming is possible.

My works reflect my personal development process. This reflection makes them honest. The personal reflection in an artistic work is inevitable. So I have decided to accept it. My "why", the motivation of my work is to encourage myself and my environment to express themselves and to bring this expression into the world.

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