Ernst van Hoek

Ernst van Hoek is a Dutch artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. Since early 2020, inspired by the father of collage Henri Matisse, he has been exploring the world of silhouette collages. He approaches the creation of images in a personal and unique way, with a bright and contrasting use of colors. A wide range of sources, photographs and real objects inspire his fascination with contemporary representations of the queer body and queerness in general. His practice embodies the experiences he has had with people from the marginalized queer community - both on and offline. It is not an exaggeration to say that queerness still makes one an outlaw in society. Van Hoek has always tried to show queerness in all its layers and complexities, exploring the transformation of the (human) body and depicting "otherness" in our current (still) predominantly heteronormative society. In his quest, he constantly explores, questions and imagines queer utopia. Van Hoek has exhibited in solo and group shows in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Greece.

More about Ernst van Hoek on Instagram or his website.