Johanna von Oldershausen

Collage has always played a big role in my work and with the iPad I have developed a technique that is completely new to me. I build up my images in many layers with different transparencies and instead of cutting out the collage elements, I erase them free with the pen or paint over them. This process creates surreal, often absurd images, a brief escape from our perfect and reasonable world.

I draw from an endless supply of my own analog drawings, photographs and research for theater sets. Inspired by my earlier work as a stage and costume designer, textiles and disguises in particular play a large role in my collages. I often dress my characters like actors dress costumes. I have been living and working in Amsterdam since 2015.

Kunst100 asks, "From which time or moments do you draw the main part of your inspiration?"

My time at the theater, where spectators and actors together go to a place of imagination where anything is possible. I am fascinated by the theme of clothing as a shell of being and playing with masking.