Lerke Nennemann

Lerke Nennemann, is a German artist born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2022 she lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Through her art she explores the dynamic relationship between form, color, proportion and structure. Her fresh, abstract compositions reflect not only her fascination with the interaction of color, but also her admiration for the abstract expressionism of Modern Painting, which is reflected in and strongly influences her work. In her works she processes feelings and life experiences, which she breaks down into colors and shapes to represent her way of seeing. However, she is not interested in encouraging the viewer to interpret her works. From her point of view, the artist's thoughts and feelings are not important. Her intention is to allow the viewer to have an inner reflection; his/her personal perspective. Her works consist mainly of abstract paintings on large canvases, as well as smaller studies on paper. Some works are planned and conceptualized down to the last detail, others arise from impulses and leave room for spontaneity and chance. It is also the joy of experimentation that drives her work and always opens up new possibilities for her to express her creativity.

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