Monika Morito

Anyone who studies Monika Morito's works will quickly notice the palm trees. They have a special meaning for the artist: as a symbol of her homeland, the Philippines, and embodiment of that warm lightness that Monika feels when she thinks of her birthplace. At the same time, a deep longing is inherent in the characteristic trees. For Monika has rarely been to her first home since childhood.

At least physically - painting is Monika's way of exploring her origins, the significance of which is becoming increasingly important. She covers the canvases herself before priming them with gouache and acrylic. Later in the process, she adds delicate reliefs of oil paint and pastels, giving contour to the stylized plants, objects, and faces.

Monika always paints several pictures at the same time. Some have to mature, she says. Until she herself grows into them. In any case, the "in-between" plays an essential role in her work. She doesn't feel completely at home either in Germany or in the Philippines. The exchange with other diasporic Filipinos is therefore of great importance to her. Her art enables this form of finding each other, especially via social media. Painting connects Monika with others and with herself.

Before Monika made her art her main profession, she studied communication design and worked as a designer in agencies for over five years.

Monika Morito lives in Munich.