Paula Valenzuela

As an artist, I have been exploring the way art affects our lives and how it can propose other ways of looking at reality, not only in its poetic and spiritual character, but also as a reflective and critical proposal to the world. I have focused on exploring the landscape that surrounds us, looking for different ways to recognize, question and interpret it through painting and installations, inevitably linking it to the human condition in the relationships I establish with it. I am interested in examining the relationship that we as individuals establish with what is presented to us as the "real" landscape. I am developing a method of working in which painting itself acts as a transformative guide, reversing supposedly recognizable logics that allow me to explore a variety of subjects while relentlessly probing the depths of the landscape. I intend to translate into painting the need that arises within me to create other worlds, other realities, and landscapes by addressing the urgency of expanding the real. I am interested in the theme of crisis as a precursor to a total restructuring of our lives, our ideologies, our beliefs, etc.. The crisis gives us the impetus to search for something different, for new languages, new ways of seeing the known, it forces us to go beyond what we have already seen, to enter new spaces and to question the old ones.

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