Make art ​tangible

We make art accessible and make sure that your white walls at home are decorated with great art. To do this, we pave the way for you and our artists to enter the art market and make it easier to buy art. Our goal is "Real art for everyone"!

How Kunst100 began

Our founder Lila Nettsträter offers artist friends to exhibit and sell their work in her living room. With success. Soon follows the opening of its own gallery in Kreuzberg.

Kunst100 is digital

In the Kreuzberg gallery, Lila meets Lisa Kostenko. Disillusioned by her work in the elitist New York art world, Lisa is inspired by Lila's modern interpretation of an art gallery. Together, the gallery owner and the digital expert found the online gallery Kunst100 with the goal of making the accessible atmosphere of the gallery accessible to all.

Growing up

Meanwhile, our Kunst100 portfolio has grown to over 70 artists:inside. A transparent and personal approach is still the most important to us. Our mission is above all to give artists a platform and to carry their art into the world. At the same time, we critically question the structures of the art world and attach great importance to making our portfolio as diverse as possible.

Our Community

We want to meet you where you are. On Instagram we bring you closer to art and artists in livestreams, Reels and in our Stories and make art accessible to a broad mass. Just take a look.