Discover what is behind our passepartouts individually tailored to the works of art.

What is a passepartout?

A passepartout is a cardboard frame between the glass and the artwork. The passe-partout puts even more focus on the work and provides additional protection due to the distance between the glass and the art.

Passepartout made to measure

At Kunst100 we curate for you in advance, which frame and which cutout fits perfectly to the artwork. When you purchase a work with a frame, the correct mount is automatically added.


High quality eye catchers

The passepartout makes your new work of art even more of an eye-catcher. The additional border of the motif and the obliquely cut cutout give the overall impression of depth and quality.

Our mounts come standard in the color Bianco Naturale, which keeps the focus on the art. Other shades of white can seem too garish and distract from the artwork.

Sustainability and Tradition

The mounts are manufactured environmentally friendly and bleached without chlorine.

They are made in Germany by a traditional craft company. This allows us to maintain the shortest delivery routes.

Editions and promotions

By default, our mounts are Bianco Naturale and the window is cut out centered.

For certain artworks, editions or promotions, there are also asymmetrically cut out or colored mounts.

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